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Best Tools for Website Tracking 2017

Website metrics shows the math regarding your website’s perfor­mance and the money you get in return on marketing dollars (ROMD). Google Analytics being the most popular one among the list, it’s an effective tool for counting the values of website traffic system.

Evaluating your web metrics is imperative as you should know the performance of your website and how successful it is in bringing the ROMD. Data produced from web analytics programs can be recorded in simple formats that help you understand the positioning of your web property in search engine results pages.

Website Analytics Tools

Today, hundreds of metrics are available, starting from basic to advanced, for measuring the performance of your websites. The significance of each parameter varies in accordance search engines algorithm. However, there are a set of tools that help you in finding out the precise nature of such web metrics. Here’s we’re listing the most efficient website analytics tools that help your business website:

#1. Click-density Analysis

One of the most effective tools for finding out your visitors activities– whether they are clicking on what you want or clicking on somewhere else. In short, this tool allows you to take a look at your web pages and peek into the segments of what your visitors are doing on your website. You would get a clear cut idea on the traffic segments on real time mode. You can easily understand how search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on responds to your efforts of ranking your website.

#2. Visitor primary purpose

In the majority of cases, the webmasters focus on page views to analyze the visitors coming to their web pages. In reality, the page views showcase the number of times the web pages were loaded, not much regarding the visitor. Maybe you can place a survey on the main web page where people visits the most, and ask them about the relevancy of your digital property according to them. Gathering such information can help you in understanding what your visitors expect from your website.

#3. Task-completion rates.

This tool helps you to view if the visitors are performing the required action to clear a task shown on a web page — say if someone went to the products review page and clicked on a link to buy the product.

#4. Multichannel-impact analysis.

With multichannel-impact analysis, you can calculate the traffic from channels like television, radio, or print ads. This way, you can properly monitor where your traffic is coming from and judge which channel sources are the most productive.

#5. Web traffic data.

Of all the web metrics tools used, clear website traffic data may be the most appropriate usage. Traffic data is a gem. It includes information, such as the total number of visitors to a website, their location, pages they visited, the IP address, and so much more.

#6. Web transactional data.

When a transaction occurs, especially in the case of e-commerce business websites, the data is recorded, and it’s made available in real time. You can collect data including the num­ber of customers, the number of orders processed and generated revenue.

#7. Web logs.

Initially, the actual collection of data was done through web logs. As the time passed, more data analysis tools came. It resulted in the switching from being technically based to marketing-based. The major reason web logs are well known is that they’re the readily available source of data. It follows a reliable mechanism that captures and collects the visits and action of search engine robots. When you use web logs, you have the complete right to access the data at any time.

Top 3 Tools to Use for Website Tracking 2017

Here we’re introducing the best choices for website tracking to know in detail regarding your website property:

#1. Semrush

Best Tools for Website Tracking

You might have heard of Semrush before. Let’s evaluate what makes this one as the best SEO tool among millions of users.

Semrush works really easy to target keyword for your website. It is a product from SEOQuake, a renowned SEO addon for Firefox. Once you are done with the keyword research analysis, you can keep tracking their positions based on locations in all major search engines.

No matter whether your business is targeted at Spain, the U.K, Australia, India, or the U.S., you can find relevant keywords for your business using this tool.

In nutshell, Semrush is essential SEM (search engine marketing) for internet marketers to evaluate the search engines on ranking the keywords for local businesses.

#2. Ahrefs

Local SEO Agencies Tools

Ahrefs provides the world’s largest index of live backlinks. Through this tool, users can find out the backlink profile of websites. It provides a clear picture of any website or URL’s background. Ahrefs allows users to view websites that link to URL, the anchors connected to it and more. The tool is very straightforward. It opens a very comprehensive and clear data visualizations.

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This backlink checker also helps users to get into the search traffic of competitors with the Positions Explorer tool. You can view the keywords ranking on search engines as well as their investments in paid advertising and marketing campaigns. You can check the flow of organic traffic using Ahrefs.

You can grab the lite version of this tool at a rate of $99 monthly, whereas the advanced version costs $999 per month.

#3. Moz

Major Local SEO Tools

Moz is one of the top rated SEO too which provides basic and advanced research options to boost the effects of search engine optimization. This tool suits well for keyword research and a perfect keyword generator; it also helps in tracking link analysis and the quality of inbound links.

The options and features available from this SEO toolkit depend on the knowledge of the person who’s doing the SEO. To help you understand its working, Moz has a blog showcasing every aspect of this tool.

Moz offers a suite of reporting tools allowing you to schedule and initiate reports easily quickly. All the available reports are customizable.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert SEO user, the Moz toolset is an asset for your company. Starting with an immense and supportive community to a set of SEO tools, all the competing SEO companies use it to its full potential. I can assure you that you wouldn’t go wrong choosing this recommended SEO tool for your business.


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