March 28, 2017 Charlie Brown

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Website

It starts with why?

Being an owner of your business, why is it so important to have a website? How does it help you?

Well, your business looks more credible while owning an online identity. That’s the simplest answer I can share. It lets people know that your business showcases globally– that they can get to know you at anytime, anywhere across the globe. It boosts the sales and is also quite inexpensive as compares to renting some retail space or purchasing an advertisement.

Now, you say. Why do you limit your business within your locality? By putting some initial investment, if you can lead your business to greater levels, why should you stop it?

Strangely, a lot of people begin their business without any website. Just 45% of the small businesses had a website in the US in 2013. This statistic is quite shocking by all means. Nonetheless, it is understandable.

What Does Change in Your Offline Business if You Have a Website?

Just the thought of making a website is intimidating to many. A lot of small businesses have many hats at the same time like receptionist, accountant, salesperson; buyer and the adding the ‘webmaster’ to the list can sound more like a trouble than it is worth. What if the business starts to suffer because of the time you spend on maintaining the website?

Let’s reduce the stress about it. Not even one of these concerns should bother you more than your business completely failing because you have not yet taken the leap to the 21st-century modern world. You cannot simply ignore the internet now. Here are some reasons why you should have a website for your business.

#1. Live in the 21st Century, People

Reasons for Having a Website

In the earlier times, doing marketing for a small business was a very time-consuming and a tiring task.

There was a lot of legwork involved, and a lot of money had to be invested in marketing and advertising to tell people about your community. One had to be very courageous. Even today, it is a big task. There’s also really no harm in being a little moxie. However, online marketing has made promoting the small businesses a lot easier now. Why not just sit back and let your company website do the work for the promotion of your business?

You can sure go ahead without having a website for some time, but eventually, you’re going to fall behind for sure. Taking only the bricks and mortar path is not going to be a viable mode for long. It majorly limits your reach and your audience. It shuts out a lot of your potential customers.

Most of the people in the world wouldn’t even know that you exist if you don’t have a website. Generally, people find it odd or not credible enough if they can’t find you or your business on the internet. You lose out on credibility, and your competitor wins. If you admit to not having a website to your customer, you automatically lose out on running for a sale.

#2. Cheap and Easy

how to create a website for business

Even the people who are internet friendly and consider themselves kind of a tech-savvy can find the idea of creating a website as a little daunting process. It can also get quite expensive to hire a website designer. But what really can you do if you don’t have any coding experience or any design experience? How are you going to ensure that your site is reflecting the image of the business? How do you want it be or how should it be? What if it is not user-friendly? What if it doesn’t work properly? What if it is so bad that instead of getting more leads you lose out on more potential customers?

These are all valid and reasonable concerns. However, these can be managed easily. These days, you can find so many DIY options for small business owners who are on a tight budget. No coding or technical knowledge is needed. All you need to do it drag and drop the pics and texts in the template. You can do it within half an hour. The most basic website is perhaps the most profitable and lucrative marketing tool which you can put money in.

#3. Increase Your Sales; Profits too

how to get clients to my business through website

This is quite obvious and doesn’t need any explanation. There’s no chance that a website will bring down the sales of your company. You can try finding any business owner who might have dropped off after launching their website, but it is a solid bet that a website can never bring down your business. It will only expand it and get you more leads.

Even if you disturb your budget by hiring a website designer, there are chances you are going to make huge returns on the investment for your website. You do not compulsorily need to set up some online store. You can just put in maximum info as much as possible. You can write the personal info in your word as well. That is also quite helpful. It provides you a connection which you can’t get when the customer enters into your store on a busy day. A lot depends on the amount of information that you provide on your website. The more info you give the more confident potential clients you’re expected to make.

Adding an online store will double the options of purchasing your product.

Why limiting the customers to just get the products only in the physical stores? They can buy when their urge strikes rather than getting in a car and coming to your store, concluding in more potential sales.

#4. More Audience for Business

How a Website Help my business

Yet another solid reason to the question.

If you are running an old business, your audience and contacts are limited to the people who know where your actual store is located. They’re probably driving by your store on daily basis. Maybe they have heard about you through ads, cold calls, street signs or Yellow Pages. However, that is a small customer base which includes people who are perhaps in just a limited geographical area. By putting on your website, your audience expands a lot. It’s going to be global.

Special Note: The website you build should be mobile friendly too. Here’s the reason explained by design infographics:

Reasons for having a business website

That’s it. It’s vital for every offline business to create an online identity. You can witness the advantages if you move the cards quickly. It’s not an investment, but a long-term asset for your business.

What More?

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