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Why Should Multi National Companies Confidently Invest on SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is prominent for the success of every business, be it small or a Multi-National Conglomerate. SEO is the thing that places your company on the map, well technically, on the internet map. When you focus on the SEO of the company, you are marketing your company’s website to get more traffic which in turn means more profit.

If SEO is search engine optimization, then you have already figured what local SEO means. Yes! It is local search engine optimization. Local SEO is becoming increasingly popular since 2014 thanks to the updates on Google’s Pigeon. They have come to the forefront of almost every business’s marketing tactics and strategy and that too for good reasons. Local SEO is making it possible for prospective customers to easily find your company’s website. When they are searching for any information related to your business or even when they are looking for places or products related to your company, your business website will show up.

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So, instead of you advertising about your company, local SEO helps bring all the prospective customers to you. Companies who have still not including strategies to improve their local SEO search are losing out on a huge clientele. For people who are still looking to be convinced about the important and impact of local SEO, you are at the right place.

  1. Google loves local businesses


Google is fair and just towards local businesses. It has always been inclined towards the local businesses which are looking for a good amount of funding and do not have those resources. However, Google is smart when it comes to helping small and local businesses. It does a check on the history and the brand reputation of the company which it is planning to support and provide the resources to.

It is safe to say that Google wants to help the small business to reach newer heights and it does so by providing them the right tools that they need like analytics and webmaster. Such tools help in increasing the visibility of the small company, thus getting it better traffic and conversion rates. So, if you don’t even try to sign up for local SEO for your company, you will be missing out on the favoritism of Google.

  1. Surge in the wearable devices

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Almost everyone is on their smartphones the entire day so it would be safe to say that most of your customers will come from mobile searches and not the conventional desktop searches. The boost in the use of mobile phones has become even more prominent with the wearable devices which are being launched by companies like Apple and Samsung.

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Thanks to the increase in wearable devices and more ‘search-on-the-go’ scenarios, it is a smart idea to strategize your business’s local SEO as these devices will focus more on location-based searched. Thus, a person who is near your company’s location will get a hit for your company when they search for the products related to your business. This is how local SEO is putting you on the map.

  1. Results will be more individualized

Local SEO helps in cataloging the search results for the people based on their likes and dislikes. Google loves individualizing results to ensure that people only get what they are interested in. It can do this with the help of its predictive and customized search features which put everything a person has searched for in the past on top of the priority list.

This interest based search result becomes easy to display when a person is logged into their Google account. If you have local SEO for your company, then you are in for a big boost in your profits as geographic location also plays a crucial role in showing your company to prospective customers. This is the current scenario but Google is becoming more sophisticated, and that will increase the important of local optimization even more.

  1. Will help in tackling the increase in competition

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Competition is stiff in every field, and there is no category of business where you won’t find any competition. The situation becomes even tenser with the dawn of millions of companies every single year. Some businesses can become a threat to your company’s growth and profits, and this is one of the reasons why having local SEO should be important to you.

When there are more companies, then Google will only show the ones which have a better reputation and rating and also closer to the person searching for the enterprise. Thus, it becomes necessary to have relevant local SEO for your company as that will established a smaller niche for your target customer base and thus increasing your visibility. Thus, it can be said that as the competition grows fiercer, companies that have local SEO will have a better chance of surviving it let alone coming at the top.

If you had always been rigid about your policies when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand then it is better to adapt to new technology and features as it will only help you in the longer run. Small companies and local business will benefit from local SEO the most as they are not looking for a larger global dominance or presence.

As mentioned above, all the points show that in the coming years, local SEO will only become more impactful and relevant for small businesses. If you want relevant visibility and want to attract a better customer base, then it is better to get started on your company’s local SEO strategies, or you will lose out on a huge profit. Tackling growing competition will also become easy when you have local SEO for your company. With so many tutorials and websites teaching how to go about setting up local SEO for your business, you won’t have any problem. However, assigning a team for the task will mean that the focus is always on point instead of being divided on certain fronts.


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