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Website Content Writing: How to Write Human Friendly Content for Google?

If you wish to have followers and readers for your blog, you should be smarter with your content.

The major issue bloggers and content marketers face during these days are the lack of contents appealing to the people, but for the search engines.

SEO is a relevant topic having wide definitions online. However, SEO content isn’t complicated, if you realize the fact that people come first over the search engines. This is how content marketing agencies make money; by just understanding and executing the core strategy.

The two goals you have to accomplish are: first, appeal to the readers and second, provide solutions to their queries.

But, how do you create content that meets those goals? How can you write a content that is appealing to the readers as well as search engines?

Here comes the significance of website content writing services. This is where copywriters play well.

And, that’s why you should understand how to write a compelling content. We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Understanding Website Content Writing
  • What is SEO Content Writing?
  • Writing Useful Content For People
  • Matter of Action

Let’s get started…

#1. Understanding Website Content Writing

Who takes the action? Website content writers do. They’re a group of skilled professional who provides website content services for advertisements, promotions and user engagement. In short, they deal with the tailoring of online content.

A good content writer should understand people, knows their likes and write contents to which they pay attention. They should also understand how Google treats the contents, especially long tail phrases.

If you’re a blogger, freelance writer or online business entrepreneur, you can excel in the field by making use of your creativity and writing style.

In order to survive in this competitive online business era and adapt to this changing world of SEO, the right action you have to take is creating useful content that’s interesting and search engines friendly— and you must have to get it done in a consistent manner. Integrate the new fresh content on demand, providing value to the readers.

#2. What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing reached to newer levels since Google started rolling out their updates.

If you are thinking of creating highly unique and useful content that ranks well in Google and simultaneously drive potential clients to your online business, you must think of the Google’s Ranking Algorithm factors.

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SEO content writing involves the creation of useful and valuable content targeting specific keywords so that other people will promote it on social media platforms. It improves the authority and relevance of your content and leads to the higher ranking in Google for the keywords you choose. So when you have the right content, Google finds it as relevant and you can bring in remarkable SEO results.

A good website content writer helps you to target your clients and resolve their issues with well-crafted content.

#3. Writing Useful Content For People

Writing is a powerful art to improve the engagement factor. There is absolutely nothing else can break the value of a great content.

The number of blogs updating fresh content is increasing day by day.

Know that poor quality content will not take you anywhere. This is a bad SEO strategy that would hurt you since the beginning itself. It also won’t help you in improving your organic ranking.

Website Content Writer

Another important factor to consider is improving the user engagement. Try to include humor in your content. It helps in increasing the user engagement. Humor can simplify the depth of controversial topic too.

SEO content writers should own the skill to present the content; not in a boring manner. Your readers should get excited finding your content.

They should be excited from the beginning itself; it improves the conversion factor too. That’s what I call as an effective mode of writing.

#4. Matter of Action

This is the last piece you should know about the effective content marketing strategy — the conversion factor of your content to drive people. This step isn’t hard to execute because you can make use of the tools available out there.

Copy is relevant in terms of selling a product, service or an idea. This would happen only when you know how to market yourself. You can try out various marketing strategies to put this into action. But the results solely depend on how you act.

Use bullet points:

It works. You can get it done by highlighting the key points of your content. As per the renowned content marketing experts, using bullet points in your content has strong benefits that you will cover. It also helps in including relevant headlines and paragraphs if the content can promote excess value for the readers.

All you need to do while writing the content is:

  • Focus on one idea
  • Provide solutions to your reader problems
  • Solve the problem explain a complicated issue.
  • Make everything simple

Here are some of the ways that you can write the content for better conversions:

  1. Know the topic well, before you write it — say, “How to Invest on Best Content Writing Services?”
  2. Make the content appear simple and easy to understand.
  3. Research accurate data that are relevant to your topic.


I’ve used these SEO tools to find out keywords for my content marketing business. It worked well at my end.

If you’re someone who has flair for writing, you should take a look into improving the organic rankings and generate your audience. This is the best time for you to kick start your career.

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